Independent Study

Consultations with supervision on independent projects or internships

The cost of the assistance is $60/month, which includes one monthly phone session. Research project should include one or more of the following areas of study:  Earth-based, Folk or Traditional Medicine, Ancient History, Anthropology or Cultural Studies, Ethnobotany, Human Rights & Health Justice.


  • Assistance choosing appropriate topic
  • Research supervision & recommended resources
  • Possibility to publish finished thesis on our blog
  • Communication with school staff

Contribute to our Bronze Age Botanicals Research Project

We are currently collecting stories and information related to the role of  those plants whose stories may help us understand more about the culture and history of people whose story is still so much a mystery.

Choose a plant from our list or one which you know to have been used in the Bronze Age, especially in the Tri-Continental Area connecting North Africa, Southern Europe and West Asia.

If you would like to participate in our research project, please contact us for more information

Read more about the importance of pre-historic botany here