Ancient Wellness Tools

Ancient wellness tools are earth-based remedies, used by our ancestors to heal imbalances in their bodies and environments. Seeing the body as earth, the elders understood health as a relationship of natural elements. The spirit world, and our connection to it, was connected to the sky, the celestial bodies and other elements of the [...]


History of the Sacred Feminine

Travel back in time to unravel the primal relationship between women's bodies, the moon and our understanding of the divine. A woman's life was divided in 3 periods. The onset of menstruation opened the channel for women to connect to the spirit world and create life. With her monthly blood she proved her bravery [...]


Introduction to Herbalism

From the spices in your kitchen and the weeds in your yard, to the products online and in health food stores, herbs are available to us as wellness tools. This introduction to herbalism class offers basic tools for beginners - how to choose herbs, where to get them, how to decide how to use [...]


Prehistoric Herbalism

Looking at the earliest writings so far discovered gives us some insight into prehistoric herbalism. We can also find stories of plant use in ancient artwork and in archeological finds, some of which go back over 50,000 years. Zoopharmacognasy, the study of how animals use plant medicine, can also help us imagine how our [...]


Spiritual Landscaping

This spiritual landscaping class explores the art of developing or stewarding a piece of land while encouraging its ancestral continuity. We will look at questions to ask about the land and how to observe the natural patterns, including it's history, geology, climate and wildlife. We will discuss rituals, conservation practices, permaculture, waste management and [...]


Ancestral Gardening

An ancestral garden is a sacred space that combines ethnobotany, conservation and community development. We will look at the Sacred Groves model of Africa to understand the importance of having spaces in which elders can share their knowledge about plants, natural and cultural heritage. Then we will learn a simple model for you to create [...]


Rachel Thomas offers these classes at conferences, retreats and educational institutions, internationally and virtually.

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