Ancient Wellness Tools

Ancient wellness tools are earth-based remedies, used by our ancestors to heal imbalances in their bodies and environments. Seeing the body as earth, the elders understood health as a relationship of natural elements. The spirit world, and our connection to it, was [...]


Women’s Wellness Tools

Empower yourself with women's wellness tools and choose among limitless methods of balancing and healing the female body. This class explores holistic approaches from a variety of cultures and time periods, encouraging each individual to discover their own true path to wellness.


Introduction to Herbalism

From the spices in your kitchen and the weeds in your sidewalk, to the products online and in stores, herbs are available to us as wellness tools. This introduction to herbalism class offers basic tools for beginners - how to choose the [...]


Spiritual Landscaping

This spiritual landscaping class explores the art of developing or stewarding a piece of land while encouraging its ancestral continuity. We will look at questions to ask about the land and how to observe the natural patterns, including it's history, geology, climate [...]


Ancestral Gardening

An ancestral garden is a sacred space that combines ethnobotany, conservation and community development. We will look at the Sacred Groves model of Africa to understand the importance of having spaces in which elders can share their knowledge about plants, natural and [...]


Traditional American Medicine

Traditional American Medicine incorporates the healing cultures of those who first settled these continents, together with all other cultures which have more recently arrived. This class will explore some of the commonalities of these approaches, as well as the unique factors that [...]


Rachel Thomas offers these classes at conferences, retreats and educational institutions, internationally and virtually.

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