Consultations with Rachel include physical health, spiritual guidance, earth connection, career counseling and holistic retreat design.

Physical Health Tools

Physical  Health

For your physical health consultation, Rachel will ask you to submit a personal history questionnaire. She will ask you questions about your symptoms, medications, and treatments past and present and then make recommendations that respect your whole body, as well as your doctor’s orders. These may include breathing or physical exercises, hydration or herbal therapies, dietary choices, mental health practices, and recommendations of alternative therapies that have been used in the past to help others in similar situations to your own.
Spiritual Health

Spiritual Guidance

To begin your spiritual guidance session, Rachel will ask you to share your reasons for seeking assistance. She will then discuss options about spiritual medicine tools which best relate to your circumstances, goals and cultural practices. Rachel may also offer you plant-based alternatives, ancestor medicine, abundance exercises, affirmations, smudging or other forms of energetic cleansing. Open to all denominations and cosmologies.
Research & Career

Research & Career

Research & Career sessions provide guidance for those who are studying or interested in learning more about natural, complementary, integrative and earth-based medicine. Rachel will ask you some basic questions about your interests and goals. She will then make suggestions, including online resources, authors, teachers or elders to study with, and clarity on aligning with your true path. She will also answer any questions you may have about the fields of traditional Latino medicine, Africana botany or ancient wellness.
Earth Connection

Earth Connection

In this session, Rachel will help you create a responsible and spiritual earth connection. To begin, you will share your goals for relating to the earth or a specific piece of land, whether you own it or are otherwise connected to it, including it’s history, wildlife and anything additional details. Then Rachel will offer suggestions about rituals and land-use practices, waste management and other ecological factors. She may include an ethnobotanical survey or recommendations for appropriate edible or medicinal plants and how to work with them.

Retreat Design

In these sessions Rachel shares her passion for designing transformative and memorable retreats. For 2o years she has been leading  international retreats focusing on environmental consciousness, wellness and traditional medicine. Rachel also brings her experience studying curriculum design at Brown University, community building and organizing ceremonies. Get some fresh ideas for organizing your time, understanding the transformative experience, integrating non-denominational, earth-based spirituality and holistic wellness tools into your retreats.
Consultations are $80 for the initial session and $60 for follow-up sessions. These personalized sessions for last one hour, both virtual or in-person. They combine modern health coaching, ancestral plant wisdom and traditional natural therapies, empowering clients to explore efficient and creative earth-based solutions.

Rachel Thomas

is a teacher, consultant, spiritual guide and retreat director. She founded Hidden Garden Ethnobotanical Sanctuary, where for over 20 years she has researched ancient wellness systems, developed online resources and created an ancestral conservation garden. Rachel received an honors degree from Brown University and is a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She continuously studies with traditional healers and advocates around the world to preserve culturally-inherited wellness practices.

Rachel Thomas Consultantions
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Decades of Experience

Check out these testimonials from some of my happy consultation clients!

Rachel has been a wise & powerful ally in my journey as a healer integrating a transformative spiritual, intuitive and practical wisdom.

Damiana Paternoster, Shamanic Designer

Rachel’s guidance, wisdom and expertise are as powerful online as they are in person. Her unique, eclectic practice and teachings have enabled me to fully step into my own power, and expose me to such incredible modalities in an approachable, practical way. I count her among one of my most life-changing mentors, teachers and healers: She truly translates ancient medicine for modern women.

Raquel Alexandra, Wellness Counselor

Rachel is an absolute wealth of knowledge and intuitive wisdom. Her background in traditional medicine, herbalism and cultural studies brings a grounded, holistic and interdisciplinary approach to all that she offers. Rachel has been an invaluable teacher and mentor to me on my journey of self-discovery.

Danielle Ashe, Wellness Coach

“Exploring the past has brought me so many gifts, allowing me to imagine the impossible and to recreate some of human history’s most powerful healing tools”

Rachel Thomas, Founder

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