Herbalism Survival in Refugee Families

Being disconnected from their ancestral land, second generation refugee families may struggle with herbalism survival in their new homes.

Herbalism Survival in Refugee Families2021-09-10T22:16:07+00:00

Women’s Spiritual Dancing

The emotional and physical health benefits of spiritual dancing are as powerful today as they were in ancient times.

Women’s Spiritual Dancing2020-11-17T18:20:32+00:00

Why Witches Love Cats

Trace the story back in time 5000 years to the ancient world where the mother goddess was represented with two pet lions.

Why Witches Love Cats2020-10-30T14:11:12+00:00

Hygieia vs Hygiene

This pivotal year in history has brought attention to the way we define health and wellness, with a clear focus on the importance of hygiene.

Hygieia vs Hygiene2020-08-13T15:35:10+00:00

Smudging Through Time

Discover how ancient people around the world used aromatic smoke for healing - starting with the first medical writings in history!

Smudging Through Time2022-12-02T17:14:02+00:00

Plants of the African Diaspora

There was a great variety in the ingenious ways that Africans and their descendants have used plants to survive their experience in the diaspora of the Americas.

Plants of the African Diaspora2020-05-07T22:40:45+00:00
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