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Smudging Through Time

Discover how ancient people around the world used aromatic smoke for healing - starting with the first medical writings in history!

Smudging Through Time2022-12-02T17:14:02+00:00

DIY Ritual Dance

Dancing has been a form of prayer throughout human history. If we go back in time, all of us have ancestors who danced to feel a divine connection.

DIY Ritual Dance2020-08-13T14:05:31+00:00

DIY Smudging

For over five thousand years, humans have recorded the use of aromatic smoke for make different conditions. Check out these basic instructions for doing it yourself at home, safely!

DIY Smudging2020-05-13T12:22:53+00:00

Wild Greens Fritters

Try these delicious fritters, using Spinach, Arugula or any edible greens that you have access to. A creative twist on an ancient recipe to take advantage of nature's bounty of leaves!

Wild Greens Fritters2020-05-10T19:40:34+00:00

Are There Anti-Virals in Your Kitchen?

Let’s go back in time around the world to see what common plants people have used to protect themselves from viruses in the past.

Are There Anti-Virals in Your Kitchen?2020-05-12T00:40:42+00:00

Plants of the African Diaspora

There was a great variety in the ingenious ways that Africans and their descendants have used plants to survive their experience in the diaspora of the Americas.

Plants of the African Diaspora2020-05-07T22:40:45+00:00

Spiced Rice Milk

This Spiced Rice Milk will delight and refresh your taste buds! According to elders of Costa Rica, this drink will also help keep you healthy and increase your longevity. They would know!

Spiced Rice Milk2020-05-04T02:33:29+00:00
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